Fishburn Primary School

Fishburn Primary School
Small But Mighty!

Vision and Values

We believe that learning should take place in a happy, caring and stimulating environment in which staff, children, parents and the local community have important roles to play.

To this end we aim:

  • to provide a happy, caring environment in which both children and adults feel secure and valued, where they will find satisfaction and pleasure in their work and where learning will flourish.
  • to ensure continuity and progression within the curriculum and provide opportunities for children to develop an understanding of the world and their influence upon it.
  • to enable children to develop lively, enquiring minds and the ability to question and discuss rationally and to apply themselves to realistic tasks and challenges.
  • to encourage individuals to celebrate their own and others’ achievements and to develop a wider appreciation of human fulfilment and aspiration.
  • to enable both children and staff to fulfil their potential and in so doing, acquire knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes which will be relevant throughout their lives.
  • to believe that we all have a part to play in shaping the future and that we are all valued respected and heard.
  • to help children develop spiritually and morally, drawing inspiration from, and developing tolerance of, world religions, cultures and ways of life.
  • to develop each individual as a caring, concerned and contributing member of the community.

All children who leave Fishburn at the end of their primary education will be:

Resilient, Independent and Confident learners with the knowledge they need to succeed and the aspiration and belief that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.