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Fishburn Primary School
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Fishburn Community Links

Fishburn have strong community links with the following:

  • Fishburn Airfield
  • Brass Band
  • Football Club
  • Schools Northeast
  • Early Excellence

Fishburn Community Centre

For information about activities and events please contact Fishburn Community Centre directly.

Fishburn Youth And Community Centre
Butterwick Road
Stockton On Tees
TS21 4ED

Telephone: 01740 620 861

Fishburn in Bloom

Groundwork North East worked closely with the local community to identifying key sites across the village in need of environmental improvement. Many groups and individuals contributed to the project including, Fishburn Parish Council, Fishburn in Bloom, Fishburn Primary School and Fishburn Youth Club. The appraisal became a comprehensive report, documenting sites across the village in need of attention along with suggestions for potential improvements.

Following a prioritisation exercise by the community, a project to improve the safety and appearance of the crossroads in the heart of the village was developed, together with Groundwork North East landscape architects and County Durham highways department.

The scheme now boasts significant safety and aesthetic improvements to footpaths, the junction and village green. Low stone walls with flowerbeds have been built to separate the junction from footpaths and the footpaths widened where possible. Hardwood, high quality street furniture has also been installed along with the resurfacing of parts of the footpaths and de-cluttering of the public realm giving the area around the main junction a welcoming and high quality appearance. Along with this the entrance to the primary school, bus stop and public space in front of the village post office have been given a make over including high quality pavers and public seating.

Besides safety an important aspect of the scheme was to strengthen the village green and the preserve the rural character of the village. 25 trees were planted, of which most were native and flowering species to encourage insect and bird life and provide year round interest. The raised flower beds to the junction offer distinctive character and as well as providing a platform to showcase the excellent horticultural skills of the Parish Council.

Since the improvements much positive feedback has been received from local residents.